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New Year's Resolutions I Plan To Keep

It's the new year. A time for new beginnings... restarts... and just feeling rejuvenated. When the new year comes around, I like to start my year off with a clean slate. New healthy habits that leave me feeling motivated and refreshed. Every year I make goals for myself... most of which fall by the wayside. But this year feels different. I'm ready to stick to my New Year's goals and make the most of 2021.

Today on the blog I'm sharing a few of my New Year's resolutions I plan on keeping. Watch out 2021... because here I come!

First and foremost is prayer. I hate to admit, but I don't spend a lot of time in prayer. In 2020 during quarantine, I decided that I needed a little more God in my life, so I invested in a daily devotional that I started reading each morning before I started my day. This put God in the front of my brain, before all the other 'agenda items' I wanted to do. And by adding just a few minutes each morning dedicated to God, my days seemed to go smoother. Then for my birthday, my parents gave me another daily devotion book... so each night I started kneeling down beside my bed, to read and reflect on all God has given me.

It was so amazing how much smoother my days went when I spent a few minutes talking to God and just how quickly my days fell apart when I skipped my morning prayers.

Next is upping my water game. Last spring I purchased a gallon size water jug with the goal of finishing it each day. Every morning I wake up, fill my jug, and pour my first glass of water to have with my daily vitamins. This jug is awesome because it has times down the side to help keep you on track with your drinking. When I do finish the entire gallon of water I feel so good and sleep so much better. My skin is clearer and not as dry... plus I really feel like it slims me down staying so hydrated!

Along with drinking more water, I want to eat healthier. Here's the deal - I want my healthier eating to become part of my lifestyle. By making the littlest changes in my diet, puffiness and fatigue go away, my skin looks clearer and more youthful, and I can think more clearly. I know my diet is not going to be perfect - that's unrealistic, especially for me! I've never met a frosted cookie I didn't like -no joke! So what I've started doing is snacking on air pop popcorn when I get hungry at night... or instead of having a bowl of ice cream, I enjoy a bowl of frozen mixed berries (I get mine at Costco... so good alone or made into a smoothie) These little changes make the biggest difference.

Lastly, I'll be continuing my family meal planning. This past summer I found a super cute menu board at a garage sale for only $2. Little did I know this purchase would save me so much time and stress. Every Sunday with a cup of coffee, I sit down and plan my family's meals. Then I head to the grocery store, list in hand, and pick up everything I need to get us through to Wednesday.

On Wednesdays we always eat sushi at our house, so this is like my day off cooking. I head to Lunds for Sushi Wednesday and pick up the rest of the groceries for the week. I feel like I'm so much more organized with our family's food. No more stressing about not knowing what's for dinner at 4:30pm - and my kids are always more then happy to give me their meal requests.

These resolutions are all small but make such a big difference. I hope I've given you some ideas to make the most out of this next year. Cheers to 2021!

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Love Emily.

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