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4 Ways to Style A Cropped Sweatshirt

Cropped sweatshirts. We've all seen them pop up in all our favorite stores. But... how do you style them? When they first came out, I was at such a loss. First off, high-rise pants were not a thing yet and I wasn't about to start prancing around with my midriff showing. Poolside, I'm ok with that... but picking up my kids at school or running errands - I need a little more coverage. Today on the blog I'm giving you four styling ideas for a cropped sweatshirt.

First, I'm styling my cropped sweatshirt with a cute pair of high-rise jeans. Whether you call these mom-jeans or high-rise, trust me when I say every girl needs a pair of these in her closet. Wearing just my cropped sweatshirt, high-rise jeans, and a cute pair of trendy sneakers, this look is perfect for school pick-up, errands, or any other casual running around you have to do. Comfortable and on trend. Try a pair of high-rise jeans with a cropped t-shirt or sweater and see how easy it is to style all those cute cropped tops.

Next I styled my cropped sweatshirt with a pair of high-rise biker shorts. High-rise leggings would also work to get this same look. The secret is HIGH-RISE! Again, I styled this look with a cute pair of trendy sneakers, but slides would also be so chic. I finished my outfit off with a crossbody bum bag, but you could also wear this bag around your waist. Or try a cute crossbody bag or backpack. Keep your shoes and bag casual to match this sporty vibe.

Next I layered my cropped sweatshirt over a longer button-down shirt. This gives you the freedom of pairing your cropped top with virtually any bottoms. When I first started purchasing cropped tops, I almost always layered them over a button-down shirt. It was an easy fix. I still love this look. I added a basic pair of black flare pants and playing off the dressy look of my button-down, I added some dressy sneakers and satchel. Whether you decide to layer your crop-top dressy or casual, be consistent with your shoes and handbag. Notice I'm wearing a Reebok cropped sweatshirt, but adding the button-down, sneakers and bag, my sweatshirt brings on a dressy vibe.

Finally I'm styling my cropped sweatshirt over a dress. I chose a dress that was not gathered at the waist, but hangs straight down. My dress falls perfectly underneath my sweatshirt, elongating my body and giving my outfit an effortless vibe. Play around with long and short dresses, keeping in mind the shape of your dress. Again, I styled my look with trendy sneakers, but a cute pair of sandals or slides would also be cute. This is such an easy way to add a little warmth on a cool summer night.

The next time you see a cropped sweatshirt or sweater, I urge you to give it a try. With so many chic ways to style, you'll be amazed at the mileage you'll get from this fun and trendy wardrobe addition. Happy styling!

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Love Emily.

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