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August + Monroe Blemish Camouflage

Here's the deal... my skin is not perfect. I know - big shocker right? I had acne in high school which has resulted in scars... and now I'm battling hormonal acne along my jawline. Having problem skin has kept me on the lookout for different treatments, fixes, and coverup. When I first heard about August + Monroe's Blemish Camouflage, I was like SIGN ME UP!

Today on the blog I want to talk about my love for this new found coverup and why it had me at 'camouflage'.

First I need to say I am not in any way a dermatologist - only a girl who has battled acne her entire life. What works for me may not work for you... but this blemish concealer is way too good not to share. So here we go.

The first thing that intrigued me with my August + Monroe Blemish Camouflage is that it is a 3-in-1 treatment formula. What does that mean? This blemish concealer not only primes and conceals to hide my breakouts... it also heals. That's right - this product heals skin blemishes. For years I've been throwing any concealer I can get my hands on on top of my blemishes only to wash my face at night and reveal even more breakouts. My face would only clear up on days I chose not to wear any makeup. So annoying.

August + Monroe is an acne fighting formula, so I actually wear it around the clock. At night, after I wash my face, I dab my August + Monroe Camouflage onto any blemishes, keeping it white so that the product soaks in over night. Also, the applicator tip is silicone which means no bacteria buildup. This product heals while still being gentle. No more over drying - which is huge for this Minnesota girl. (The winter months can be so incredibly drying on my skin)

For daytime, I start with a clean face and once again, dab on my August + Monroe concealer. This time, using my finger, I rub the concealer in a circular motion. The concealer begins blending in and camouflaging my breakouts. The more you rub, the darker the product becomes... seriously it's like magic. The coverage is amazing - truly like camouflage. When I hit the gym, I only need to wear my August + Monroe - which feels amazing.

When I do put on a full face of makeup, August + Monroe Camouflage primes my breakouts beautifully. The coverage is not oily or greasy, so my makeup stays put which makes me feel confident all day.

If you battle breakouts at all, I totally recommend trying August + Monroe Blemish Camouflage. It has been a total game changer for me. To learn more, visit

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

*In collaboration with August + Monroe

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