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Chic gifts at every budget

You know that friend? That friend who seems impossible to shop for because she has everything? I think everyone has a friend like that. Here's the deal... don't stress about finding the perfect gift... don't you remember what your mother taught you? It's the thought that counts. Seriously - it really is.

I love giving gifts. I'm always on the hunt for things that are unique while still being practical. Giving someone a gift that I know they'll use brings me joy. You don't want your gift to be forgotten... you want the recipient to use it and love it.

Today on the blog I'm giving you chic gift ideas for all your friends... even that friend who is impossible to shop for. And I'm giving you gift ideas for every budget.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for under $20 is easier than you think. Here are some fun ideas to help get you started. These pancake mixes make the cutest holiday gifts. The retro packaging is everything! Tie on a cute wooden spoon or spatula and you have a darling gift perfect for a friend or teacher... or use as a hostess gift. Thoughtful and useful, not to mention cute.

Another fun idea I've done in the past is get one of these chic mugs with my friend's initial. I threw in a faux plant - and no wrapping required. The presentation was everything!

This cute little sunglass care kit is a must have for everyone. I use mine ALL THE TIME! Throw this set into a mini christmas stocking. This set comes in a variety of colors... so coordinate it with your christmas stocking - how chic is that!

Masks - an essential item these days. I found these mask chains and I'm in love with the Chanel vibes. They come in a set of 3 for under $20! Give the entire set as a gift or separate them out - I love how thoughtful and useful this one is.

And yes. Sprinkles. These are actually a staple in my family's pantry. The container is so chic and they even come with a little wooden scoop. Use these cuties on sugar cookies, cupcakes, or my favorite... ice cream.

Chic gifts under $50... are you ready for this? This sunglass case is on my wish list for this year. The box unfolds for storage of 4 pairs of sunnies. How awesome is this for travel?

Let's talk about this pink mit. This is my favorite makeup brush cleaner I've ever used. The kit is two sided (hence the double thumbs) and is covered with a variety of textures so you can scrub and clean the makeup grime away. My favorite is the texture between the thumb and mitty so you can squeegee the water out of your brush. I love this thing!

These purse inserts may seem like an uneventful gift, but they are EVERYTHING! I use these in all of my handbags to help maintain their shape. Satin, quilted, and so lux... they make for such a practical chic gift that your friend is sure to use for years to come.

And this mask. Silk. Lux. And comes in the yummiest colors and patterns. Something your friend probably wouldn't buy herself. Love this!

And gift ideas for under $100. These fox fur earmuffs are so incredibly cute on! In these Minnesota winters, the air can get so bitterly cold. Sometimes you don't want to put a hat on because... hair. I love throwing on these earmuffs - it's amazing how much warmer you feel when you block the wind from your ears.

I am a sucker for limited edition anything. This candle is so cool and chic - and it smells incredible! What I love about this, is after the candle is use up, your friend can clean out the container and us it to store her makeup brushes or pens or whatever else she wants.

This water bottle - another thing on my Christmas wish list! I love the chic design... and the fact that it's self cleaning. SELF CLEANING! Are you kidding me? This water bottle has a purifying UV light that activates every two hours. The light actually neutralizes up to 99.9% of harmful, odor-causing germs. Plus it's so cute! Can you say game changer?!!

This Silkie hair wrap is another thing on my Christmas wish list. Your friend will wear this chic hair wrap at night to protect her hair while she sleeps. No more hair breakage when she tosses and turns at night. Brilliant!

This compact mirror is a great addition to anyones handbag. It's tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight... perfect for fixing your makeup on the go. My favorite is the ring on the back which makes it so easy to hold and maneuver.

Lastly, I'm completely obsessed with these earrings. This artisan makes her jewelry out of authentic designer buttons. The quality is excellent. I have given these as gifts and the receipeints are always over the moon about them. I also wear them regularly - a total jewelry staple. If not for your friend, grab a pair for yourself!

I hope you found some gift ideas to help fill your list. Tis the season to make merry!

Happy shopping!

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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