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How I Hang my Christmas Stockings

It's the Christmas season and I am in full on decorating mode. Christmas trees, lights, and glitter are EVERYWHERE! Every family has their own Christmas traditions. Maybe you gather around and exchange gifts with your loved ones on Christmas Eve. Or your family wakes up at the crack of dawn Christmas morning to see if Santa came. Or maybe you rush to your Christmas stockings to find them packed full of goodies...

and then realize they were too heavy for the mantle and ended up on the floor. Sorry - not the cutest visual.

Today on the blog I'm filling you in on my decorating idea that is guaranteed to keep those Christmas stockings safe and sound... Santa approved!

A couple years ago, I said goodbye to our fireplace mantle and moved our Christmas stockings to our staircase. Not only did the stockings brighten up our entryway, but they stayed put - no matter how heavy they got Christmas morning. AND BONUS - our family's 5 stockings didn't block our view of the fireplace anymore! (Seriously... this Minnesota girl LOVES her winter fires!)

To make my Christmas Stocking staircase display, all you need are:

1. your family's stockings

2. as much garland as you want

3. and ribbon

For my display, I use four different garlands. My burlap ruffle garland acts like my anchor. My other garlands simply wrap and twist around the burlap, making my display full and whimsical.

FIRST, I lay out my garlands and gather the end. This is what I will attach to the start of my banister.

NEXT, I take my ribbon and tie my garland to the banister. The ribbon I use is a wide felt ribbon - I don't use glittered ribbon because I don't want to scratch my banister. I continue gathering my garland and securing it to my banister every couple stairs until finished.

NEXT, I attach my Christmas stockings. To do this, I use a skinnier grosgrain ribbon. Starting at the base of your staircase, tie up your first stocking. When attaching your stocking, tie your ribbon around the ENTIRE garland and banister - you want to make sure your cute stockings are visible and not being covered by your chunky garland. Continue moving up your staircase until all your Christmas stockings are hung.

The striped ribbon is holding my Christmas stocking to the railing. Notice how I went around the entire garland.

No matter how you decide to hang your stockings this holiday season, may you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Stay merry my friend!

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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