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The main cabin before renovations

My husband had wanted a cabin for as long as I can remember. And not just any cabin… Jeff always had his eye on buying a resort. Properties with multiple cabins that were small and quaint, but could bring everybody together. Two and half years ago, my husband called me around noon on a January workday. He said he had found a cabin and was going to go look at it up on Balsam Lake, WI.  

The guest cabin before renovations


Awesome. Let me know how that goes… Two hours later Jeff called and told me he bought it.

I hadn’t seen it, but I was familiar with Balsam Lake as it was one of the areas on my radar for a future family cabin. I've known Jeff long enough to know, if Jeff says it's a cool property... it most definitely is a cool property.

In the midst of construction
The main cabin's living room - floor is gone but the deer remains!

Jeff brought me and the kids up to see our future cabin situation… A cluster of small log buildings nestled on a point on Balsam Lake. Given the current state of the buildings, I think a lot of people would have chosen to tear everything down and start over- but we saw so much potential in this charming property. The cabins came furnished with everything from couches and dishes to boardgames and books. I went through everything... I sorted and packed things away, knowing that for many of the items, we would be reusing them again... and we have!

Some of the original dishes that came with the cabin

A full renovation started over two years ago, restoring logs and wood floors, replacing windows and creating the cabin of our dreams. Construction is finally wrapping up and we can’t wait to start creating new family memories on Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.

Our family cabin situation - nearly complete!


I've been so busy getting everything I need for our family cabin. Sharing a few of my favorites...

1. These Brooklinen Towels are AMAZING! I went with the same neutral color throughout all our bathrooms for consistency and sorting laundry easy.

2. Our sheets I found while we were vacationing in Nashville - The bed at the Bobby Hotel was so comfortable, I checked out the tag on the sheets before we left and placed an order the minute I got home!

3. If you guys don't have a watermelon knife, I highly recommend! The holes in the blade prevents suction when cutting through any melon.

4. I was first introduced to the game Fast Track at a friend's cabin and my entire family loved! It plays similar to the game Sorry, but you can customize your track depending on how many player you have.

5. I recently purched this little smoothie blender for our home and I love how convenient it is. My husband says I need to get a fleet of them for our cabin!

6. Speaking of fleet... these floating saddle seats are comfortable to float on and hold up kids and adults. We use them all the time in our pool at home and knew I needed to get some for our cabin as well. Bonus - they are super easy to store and don't require blowing up.

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Beautiful. You guys are blessed. Enjoy life to the fullest- you deserve it! YOLO ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Thank you!!

Me gusta

Love everything that you share and am always waiting for more. Keep being you, your true followers are here to stay. Thanks for taking me along on your life's journey.

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Thank you so much ❤️ I’m so happy to have you here!

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How beautiful of a cabin, and guest cabin. Don't let the "Paula's or the Karen's of the world ruin your day! You do you! Keep the blogs coming!

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People like you are the reason I keep coming back ❤️ you guys are the best!

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Love your blog and your daily stories. Your life is so interesting and fun. Forget about the "Paulas" and keep the excitement coming 💪🏻❤️

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Thank you so much!! Love having you here to share with ❤️

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