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Turning your Christmas cards into memorable books

Thanksgiving is over and any day now our mailboxes will be filled with christmas cards and greetings from family and friends. So much fun to get, but what do you do with all those holiday greetings after Christmas is over?

Today on the blog, I'm sharing an easy and fun way to hold on to all those holiday greetings for Christmas's to come.

These little holiday flip books are so easy and fun to make. With only a couple supplies and a little bit of time, you can transform your family's Christmas greetings into the cutest holiday books to enjoy year after year. So pop in a Christmas movie and let's get started.

First, gather together your Christmas cards and pull out all the cards with a blank back. You are going to cover the backs with patterned Christmas paper so that your book's pages are decorated on every side. Don't stop at paper... you can use Christmas cards or pages out of Christmas books... even wrapping paper. Another thing you can incorporate are handwritten holiday notes... because a persons handwriting can be even more precious then a picture. Think outside the box and make this book your own!

Next, gather all your cards and pile them up, aligning the top left hand corner. Your pile is not going to be perfect. Some cards will be portrait, others will be landscape... and they will be in all sizes. This will make your book fun and homemade. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PERFECT - THAT'S THE BEAUTY. Take a hole punch, and punch a circle hole in that top left hand corner of every card.

Next your going to feed all your punched cards through a ring. You have just assembled your flip book. Take a couple ribbon scraps and tie a few knots onto your ring for a festive finishing touch.

I love displaying our books in our living room. They get looked at, shared, and loved all season.

I've linked everything you need to make your Christmas card books. All you need are your holiday cards and greetings.

Stay merry my friend and happy crafting!

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Love Emily.

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