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About a month ago the big Sephora Spring Savings Event happened and my cart was full of goodies. Some things were my favorite beauty staples, while others were new products I wanted to try. Here's the deal. I am in no way a beauty blogger. I tend to be a creature of habit - finding products that work for my skin and lifestyle and sticking to them. When I talk about ANYTHING... especially beauty related, it is products that I use and love. I'm not an expert, but I know what works. Today on the blog I'm sharing 6 new beauty finds I'll be purchasing again!

First Let's talk brows. I've been filling in my eyebrows for years using my favorite Hourglass brow liner (linked here). I've always been 100% happy with how my brows look. One beauty addition I've been wanting to add to my routine is a brow gel. Something to finish off my look. During the sale, I decided to purchase the Anastasia brow gel and I LOVE! It has a slight tint that really works well with my pencil, and I love the way it holds my brows in place. The applicator works just like mascara and the hold like hairspray. I'm wearing the color BRUNETTE which works perfectly for me.

Next is a foundation primer. Primer is something that I just started using in 2021. Being over 40 (gasp), my skin is not what it used to be. I need all the smoothing weapons I can get. Enter the addition of primer. It's no secret that my skin has always been less then perfect. I've been prone to acne my entire life... yes, even in my 40's. So I've always been extremely cautious as to what I put on my face. I saw this Bobbi Brown Primer. 'Vitamin Enriched'... oil free... and antioxidant protection against the elements. So - I said a Hail Mary and added it to my cart. Here's the deal - I LOVE THIS STUFF! Not only does it smell great, it gives my skin a smooth base so my foundation looks even and flawless. Best of all, no breakouts! This primer has become part of my daily routine. So happy I tried it.

Next was foundation. I've mentioned before that I have been on the hunt for that perfect foundation. Hunt over. Since I was trying the Bobbi Brown primer, I decided to also add the Bobbi Brown foundation to my cart. I chose the Long-Wear Weightless Foundation because - I hate feeling like my makeup is caked on and I don't have time for touchups during the day. It made sense to me. Again - so so happy with this Bobbi Brown foundation. The weight is so good and I get no cakiness at all. Also - no breakouts what so ever. I've been wearing the color 'cool ivory' which seems to be the perfect tint for my Minnesota skin. Also wanted to mention, this foundation has an SPF of 15 - love that!

Next was concealer. Here's the deal... I'm getting older and my eyes are starting to show it. I really needed to up my under-eye game. I've been seeing Tarte cosmetics everywhere, and hear nothing but rave reviews from other influencers. So at the Sephora sale, I decided it was a good time to try. I purchased the Tarte Creaseless Concealer (linked here). The consistancey is thick, which did scare me a little. This product is a miracle worker! It goes on and stays on... no creasing throughout the day. No raccoon eyes in the evening. It's awesome! To apply, I make a 'V' shape under each eye. I then wet my beauty sponge and start dabbing to blend. The slight dampness on my sponge is just enough to blend this concealer perfectly. Definitely a new found staple in my beauty routine. For reference, I'm wearing 'light'.

Next is a product that's a cross between concealer and foundation. Some days when I'm working around the house or just hitting the gym, I don't have a need for a full face of makeup. Full face or not, the truth is I always need just a little something to make my skin look even and polished. Enter Charlotte Tilbury's 'Hollywood Flawless Filter'. This does just what the name says - it gives my skin a flawless filter. (And Lord knows I love a good filter!) The applicator on this product mimics that of a concealer. I throw some between my brows and a dab on each cheek. I then use my go-to foundation brush (my current favs are Artis Brushes linked here) and blend in the product. I literally use this EVERY SINGLE DAY. On days I wear a full face of makeup, I apply my Flawless Filter on top of my foundation (prior to powder, blush, and bronzer). On days where I'm heading to the gym, I wear this alone on my bare face (over my morning moisturizer). It gives just the right amount of coverage for that perfect no-makeup look. And guess what - no breakouts! I've been wearing the color 'Fair'.

A quick note on my final beauty find... I'm a lip gloss girl through and through. Give me a pair of trendy sneakers and a killer lipgloss and I'm a happy girl. This Too Faced Lip Injection lipgloss is hand's down my current favorite. I love the gloss look it gives to my lips. Also it gives your lips an instant plump which I love. TRUE STORY- I was in the car with my husband the other day and he goes... did you get your lips done? Nope! It's my Too Faced!! This lip gloss has a little tingle to it, but that's just how you know it's working. I feel like I need to buy stock in this lipgloss... seriously.

So there you go - 6 beauty finds that made their way into my daily routine. I've linked everything, so give them a try. I'm seriously loving every one!

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Love Emily.

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Ok... have you ever seen the Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax? In the movie, the main character cuts down a Truffula Tree and knits a 'Thneed' out of the foliage. No joke - this sweater totally reminds me of a 'Thneed'.

Here's the deal. If I would have seen this sweater in a store on the rack, I probably would have kept right on walking. Thanks to 'the gram', I first spotted this sweater on an account I follow and immediately had to have it. (thank you @shop_lhistoire) I have been on the search for that perfect sweater set for some time now, and this was exactly what I was looking for. Well... almost exactly. The truth is, I thought I was purchasing a two piece sweater set. What I got was a 'Thneed'. A magical one-piece sweater that can transform to accommodate warm days and cool nights. Say hello to Rosie Assoulin's Thousand in One Ways Sweater.

I'll admit I was a little thrown off with the shape of this knit. I actually had to google how to put it on! You start out by putting on the tank top portion of the sweater. Yes... I am holding the sweater upside down! Then what you decide to do with the sleeves is entirely up to you.

First, I'm styling the sweater on over the tank. This is perfect when you need a little warmth. I love that peekaboo cutout in the front - it's the perfect sexy girly detail. I also want to note that when wearing the sleeves over the tank, your back is fully covered. The bottom of the sweater loops up, going over your head and ending at your chest.

For reference, I am wearing a size medium in this sweater. The medium fits well - the tank is a little on the loose side, but I am super happy with the length in the torso and sleeves. I'm typically a size 4.

Next I took my head out of the hole and just wore the sleeves. The head hole was across my back, giving me the look of a shrug sweater. Another cute way to style on those cooler nights.

For my next two looks, I'm wearing just the tank top and styling the sweater for a warm day. First, I tied the sleeves around my shoulders, giving the illusion of a matching sweater set. This is how I saw this sweater styled on Instagram - you can see how I thought I was getting a two-piece set.

Lastly I tied the sleeves around my waist, again making it look like I'm wearing a sweater set instead of a one-piece sweater. The tank top portion of this sweater is finished all the way around, so from the back it looks like a cute knit tank.

So there you go. The adorable one-piece sweater that you can wear a thousand different ways. Wear with shorts, dress pants, denim, or your favorite skirt. You'll be ready to take on those plans no matter the weather. This fall I'll be styling this sweater with my go-to leather leggings. Yup - I'll be wearing this sweater year round!

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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April is officially a wrap. It was fun transitioning my clothes from winter to Spring. Still styling plenty of long sleeve tops and jackets, while having dresses and shorts start to make an appearance. Being able to share my favorite styles is one of my favorites parts of Small Town Me. From old favorites to new purchases, I so enjoy seeing what you love. Today on the blog I'll be sharing my top three best sellers for the month of April. These items come at every price point and can be styled in countless ways. Thank you for loving Small Town Me!

Nordstrom Hoody

First up is this Nordstrom graphic hoody. Honestly, I am obsessed with anything Nordstrom, and this sweatshirt is no exception. The front showcases a minimalistic graphic reading Nordstrom NYC. The back has the iconic Nordstrom wink ;) This sweatshirt is so cute styled with leggings or biker shorts. It can easily be dressed up with a cute summer skirt and trendy sneakers or sandals. Also, this hoody is thin enough to throw on over your favorite swimsuit when the sun goes down. At under $50, you can't go wrong with this timeless graphic hoody. I'm wearing a size small, but you could easily size up for an oversized fit.

High-rise Frayed Shorts

Next are these cute high-rise frayed denim shorts. The frayed bottom on these shorts is so good, and you can't beat the length. They have just the right amount of length... short enough to show off those legs while still having enough length to cover the booty. I not only bought these in the lavender but also in blue and white. These shorts actually come in 7 colors and range from size 00 up to 26W! Seriously - well done Target!! Did I mention they're only $15?!! At that price, you can afford to add a couple colors to your summer wardrobe. I know I did! I found these to run a little big, so I sized down one size to a size two. They fit perfect around the waist, booty, and legs.

Military Jacket

Last up is a piece that has been hanging in my closet for years! My JCrew military jacket has been a favorite of mine for all seasons here in Minnesota. I love stying this jacket over a hoody or sweater in the fall for a little warmth with style. In the spring, I'll throw this on with my dresses when the weather is still cool. Or for the ultimate easy casual look, I'll style my military jacket with a cute pair of shorts. I like to think of my military jackets as a denim alternative - and yes. I said 'jackets' - because I own several! They are honestly timeless additions you can make to your closet. My exact jacket is not longer available, but I always link similar, so you can achieve my same look and style. There are currently so many cute military jacket options out there, I may be adding another to my closet!

Thank you for following along on my journey. I will continue to share new favorites as well as old. When my items are no longer available, I comb through my favorite stores for similar pieces. I try to link pieces that I'm truly excited about and would purchase for my own. Honestly, you all fuel my desire to share my favorite fashion finds. Thank you for loving Small Town Me. Get ready... there's more inspiring passion to come.

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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