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Thousand In One Ways Sweater

Ok... have you ever seen the Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax? In the movie, the main character cuts down a Truffula Tree and knits a 'Thneed' out of the foliage. No joke - this sweater totally reminds me of a 'Thneed'.

Here's the deal. If I would have seen this sweater in a store on the rack, I probably would have kept right on walking. Thanks to 'the gram', I first spotted this sweater on an account I follow and immediately had to have it. (thank you @shop_lhistoire) I have been on the search for that perfect sweater set for some time now, and this was exactly what I was looking for. Well... almost exactly. The truth is, I thought I was purchasing a two piece sweater set. What I got was a 'Thneed'. A magical one-piece sweater that can transform to accommodate warm days and cool nights. Say hello to Rosie Assoulin's Thousand in One Ways Sweater.

I'll admit I was a little thrown off with the shape of this knit. I actually had to google how to put it on! You start out by putting on the tank top portion of the sweater. Yes... I am holding the sweater upside down! Then what you decide to do with the sleeves is entirely up to you.

First, I'm styling the sweater on over the tank. This is perfect when you need a little warmth. I love that peekaboo cutout in the front - it's the perfect sexy girly detail. I also want to note that when wearing the sleeves over the tank, your back is fully covered. The bottom of the sweater loops up, going over your head and ending at your chest.

For reference, I am wearing a size medium in this sweater. The medium fits well - the tank is a little on the loose side, but I am super happy with the length in the torso and sleeves. I'm typically a size 4.

Next I took my head out of the hole and just wore the sleeves. The head hole was across my back, giving me the look of a shrug sweater. Another cute way to style on those cooler nights.

For my next two looks, I'm wearing just the tank top and styling the sweater for a warm day. First, I tied the sleeves around my shoulders, giving the illusion of a matching sweater set. This is how I saw this sweater styled on Instagram - you can see how I thought I was getting a two-piece set.

Lastly I tied the sleeves around my waist, again making it look like I'm wearing a sweater set instead of a one-piece sweater. The tank top portion of this sweater is finished all the way around, so from the back it looks like a cute knit tank.

So there you go. The adorable one-piece sweater that you can wear a thousand different ways. Wear with shorts, dress pants, denim, or your favorite skirt. You'll be ready to take on those plans no matter the weather. This fall I'll be styling this sweater with my go-to leather leggings. Yup - I'll be wearing this sweater year round!

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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