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4th of July week situations...


Put your Hershey bars in the refrigerator

Make a fudgy brownie mix as directed

Shave off 3 to 5 minutes baking time.

While brownies are baking, break six graham crackers into bite-size pieces and grab a bag of mini marshmallows

When brownies are just under baked, take out of the oven and top with the broken graham cracker pieces and nearly one bag of mini marshmallows.

SUPER IMPORTANT - Press down the marshmallows and graham cracker pieces into the brownie mixture so that the layers stick together

Continue baking until marshmallows are toasty

Remove from oven… Take your chilled Hershey bars and smack them on the counter.  Place broken pieces all over the top of your brownies.

Cool before cutting



Delano may be a small town, but it’s big on celebrations. Especially when it comes to the Fourth of July. I grew up going to the parade and all the festivities, and it was honestly the highlight of every summer. The town is always buzzing with people and activities from baseball to live music… the parade to the carnival.  

me enjoying a carnival ride in the early 80's

Every year, Delano had a kiddie parade that would kick off the Fourth of July festivities. Kids would dress up and parade through town. I still can’t remember what the prizes were for the best costumes or if I ever even won… I just remember how much fun I had.

all ready to take part in the kiddie parade
1995 Delano Royalty - my first time riding on the float

As I got older, I continued to be in the parade…  dancing with the local dance school, the high school, dance team, and then as a 1995 Delano princess.  Once I got married and had a family of my own, then my kids started taking part in all the festivities - enjoying the carnival, being in the parade, and just enjoying the nostalgia of a small town Fourth of July celebration.

Jordan, my oldest, taking part in the parade with a local apple orchard
9 months pregnant with Brady, hanging at the carnival with my two boys

To this day, I have never experienced a town who puts on a better celebration than Delano… (maybe i'm a little biased) but- especially when it comes to the fireworks.  

Wherever you’re celebrating, have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


Sharing a few of my summer favorites...

  1. I love using this beach bag for all my family's situations. Easily holds everything from beach towels to snacks... even our sandals.

2. This 9x12 pan is amazing when it comes to brownies, meatloaf, and even roasting vegetables. Plus- it's so pretty.

3. Jo Malone Orange Blossom does a great job at keeping the bugs away. Bonus- also keeps you smelling good.

4. Dibs has the best shimmer stick I've found. It's the perfect amount of shimmer. Especially for the summer months.

5. My entire family love these floating saddles. They keep you buoyant in the lake or the pool and I love that they don't take up a ton of space.

6.  When it comes to cutting any kind of melon, this watermelon knife is a game changer. The 'seed' holes prevents suction making cutting into your favorite fruit effortless.

7. This Supergoop eye shadow not only has SPF, it adds the perfect amount of shimmer and gives you that summer glow no make-up look.

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Love home town celebrations. My home town of Perham MN, is fantastic at keeping the spirit alive. Check us out sometime. I'm sure you scrapebook just a hop skip and a jump from us. Enjoy the 4th

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