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5 Ways I Rock My Black Faux Leather Spanx

Confession: I love to shop. I don't look at shopping as my therapy. It's more of a passion or hobby (if you want to call it that). I fall in love with different designers. Figure out different ways to wear fabulous pieces. I'm quite careful when I shop - trying to stay away from impulse buys or items that I know will only be around for one season. I try to fill my closet with fabulous staple pieces, and of course, killer style.

When COVID19 hit the US a few weeks ago, my family decided that we were going to stay home and stay safe. The world seemed to be changing at an alarming rate all around us - and one major change that is affecting a good portion of us is our economy. My shopping quickly came to a standstill, and I haven't really purchased anything for myself since the beginning of March (other than a couple pieces of loungewear from Target and a new baseball cap). Surprising as it may sound, I'm not angry or bitter about my my shopping halt. Sure it was hard watching all those awesome sales pass me by... and can I just say, Nordstrom 10 Points Days are like MY FAVORITE!!! But seriously, I have a world of fabulous pieces sitting right inside my closet. And guess what - I know you do too :)

In today's blog, I want to share 5 ways I like to rock my Black Faux Leather Spanx leggings. I know just about every single person reading this has a pair of black leggings. They may not be Spanx, but for these looks, any plain black legging will do.

A quick note about my Spanx (linked here): First of all, I own 7 pairs of the Faux Leather leggings... some of which are YEARS old. You may be saying to your self - wait, why do I only see 4 pairs of leggings in the photo? Well... that is because I own two pairs of most of these colors. They are that good. AND, if taken care of, these babies will last a very VERY long time.

How I care for my Spanx:

1. Turn them inside out

2. Wash on cold with Dreft detergent (linked here)

3. Hang to dry

4. Wear and Repeat

Number 1: T-shirt and Cardi

First, take any t-shirt - mine happens to be a fun graphic Tee. Throw on a cute cardigan and a pair of trendy white sneakers, and you have a trendy cool casual outfit perfect for running errands, road trips, or just looking cute around the house. I wear this look more times then I want to admit. I think it's because it goes well with every season. Try this look with a plain Tee, flannel shirt, zip up hoodie, or throw on a pair of sandals. Just check out your closet and you'll be surprised as to how many variations you can come up with for this outfit.

Number 2: White Button-down and Sweater

This next look is so perfect for the office, church, or whenever you want to look polished while still feeling comfy. First, I threw on a white button-down dress shirt. Mine is a longer cut, so it skims the bottom of my booty. I put on a short sleeve sweater over that and threw on a cute pair of loafers. I also added a fun pearl statement necklace to dress up my look and make it a little more feminine. Classy, cute, and totally on trend. Again, play around with different button-down shirts. Maybe you have a fun color or pattern... and then layer it up!

Number 3: A Sassy LBD

I actually wore an outfit very similar to this 10 years ago to a New Year's Eve party. 10 YEARS AGO!!! Talk about classic timeless pieces you need in your closet. For this look, I took a cute sassy LBD, threw on a pair of killer heels, and added a fun belt bag. Again - this is to just get you started. Try a fun statement belt with your dress. Add a pop of color with your shoes or handbag. This look is trendy and sassy - perfect for date night, house parties (if you have to remove your shoes at the door, you won't feel so bare), and even happy hour. I live in Minnesota, so anytime I can throw a cute pair of leggings on under a dress, I'm all for it. I don't like being cold :)

Number 4: Cute Sweater and Boots

For your next look, grab a cute flirty sweater... mine hits right at my waist. I threw on a pair of casual hiking boots - I chose black because they blend with my leggings, giving the illusion my legs are longer then they actually are. Ha! Lastly, I added a cute cross body bag which ties my whole outfit together. Wear this out with the girls, shopping, or book club. Again - trendy, polished, and comfy. You gotta love a good pair of leggings!

Number 5: Tank and Denim

My final look is perfect for running errands, bringing the kids to the park, or grabbing coffee with the girls. I threw on a cute tank - mine happens to be Lululemon. To make this a little less 'workouty' (is that even a word??), I layered my tank with a lace bralette. Don't worry about grabbing a workout top for this look - this outfit is your athleisure look. It's meant to be comfortable and practical. Throw on a pair of cute trendy tennies and a denim jacket and you're out the door. Easy... breezy... done.

Hopefully one or more of these looks inspired you to go shop your own closet. Ways to style black leggings are limitless... I only scratched the surface. AND, if you don't own a pair of Spanx leggings, I recommend putting them on your 'gotta have it' list. They will quickly become a staple piece in your wardrobe!

Remember to check out my Instagram @smalltownme

Love Emily.

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