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Adding a Touch of Halloween

A couple weeks ago I shared all the fall goodness I brought into our home. Well, our house is still EXPLODING with pumpkins, but a fun Halloween vibe is definitely noticeable in each of our rooms. Today on the blog, I'm talking about how to add a little Halloween whimsy to your home fall decor.

Right around October 1, I bring out all my Halloween decorations and add them to the fall pumpkin decor already set up around my house. Just a small touch of Halloween whimsy can transform an entire area from fall to spooky. One easy decoration I love using are fun Halloween plates. My plates come in a four pack, which makes them easy to spread out around my kitchen. Also - they are super easy to store as they don't take up much room. For My other Halloween decor I find in stores, in the clearance section after Halloween, even garage sales. Since I'm adding Halloween whimsy to my pallet of pumpkins, my decorations can be super random while still looking put together.

One fun DIY I did was purchase a Halloween lace tablecloth on clearance. I cut the fun spiderweb material the same size as my fall table throws. With almost no effort, I was able to transform my accent tables to a fun Halloween showcase.

Below are photos of some areas in my home where I transformed my fall decor into Halloween goodness with very little effort.

I always try to add a meaningful touch to the holiday decorations around my home. On my Halloween tree, you will find ornaments made out of old photos of me and my kids dressed for trick or treating. The three trick-or-treater figurines represent my three boys. I'll also frame pictures of my kids dressed up and nestle them around my Halloween decor. Family memories are some of my favorite things around the holidays.

I hope this gives you some ideas to spookify your home this Halloween. Remember to keep a look out year round for Halloween decor - the holiday comes and goes so fast, it's nice to be able to decorate your home on a budget.

I've linked some of my favorite Halloween decorations to help get you started.

Happy decorating!

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Love Emily.

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