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How I decorate for fall

Today's the last day of September... how's your fall decorating coming along? My house is EXPLODING with pumpkins, and I'm loving it all. My fall decorations bring change into our home... school has started and with that a new fall routine. The weather is getting crisp, and our warmer clothes are coming out of hibernation. Hues of brown, orange, and red can be seen throughout our house. Today on the blog I'm going to share how I bring fall vibes into our home.

During the first week of September, my pumkins come out. Every Year. they bring fall whimsy throughout my house, and help set the tone for this major season change in Minnesota. For the next 3 months, my house will be sprinkled with these rich fall colors, and my pumpkins will set the stage for the holidays to come... Halloween and Thanksgiving.

To say I have a lot of pumpkins can be a bit of an understatement. I guess you could say they are a bit of a weakness, but I want to make sure they are sprinkled throughout the main areas of my house because these pumpkins will set the tone for fall. Acting as my base, I will simply add to them with the upcoming holidays... but let's save that for another blog post. Today, it's all about the pumpkins!

Decorating an entire house can be a daunting task. It's fun to decide where to put this or how to decorate that... but it takes time. Here's the deal - time is valuable... especially what you're a mom of three. A couple years ago I created a decorating book where I take pictures of each area in my house that I decorated. I do this for every holiday. When that holiday rolls around, I flip to that section in my book and recreate the holiday goodness. What used to take me a weekend of decorating now takes me an afternoon. Sometimes I still move things around... buy new decor that I need to find a place for... but the main guts are in this book. Each year I go around and update my pictures, keeping my decorating journal up to date.

I love this book because it is literally a build-it-yourself kit. You pick out the binder and whatever page layouts you want. There are even precut papers you can add to empty area. This makes it so easy to lay out entire rooms and table the specific holidays. I also added tabs to keep each holiday seperated. This line even has a punch so you can cut your pictures into the exact size you need. So easy and the book is guaranteed to turn out cute. My decorating book is linked above.

So take out your pumpkins and get your home ready for fall. Be sure to take pictures of each area in your home to make next year's decorating a breeze. I've linked some of my favorite fall decorations to help get you started.

Happy decorating!

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Love Emily.

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