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How we store leftovers at our house...

OK... here's the deal. I'm a mom of three boys - ages 10, 13, and 16. They eat a lot. Constantly. When I cook dinner, I try to make too much. My goal is to have a refrigerator FULL of leftovers. Our family lives on leftovers... and they never go to waste. Honestly, I think it's the way I store them. Whether it's lasagna, enchiladas, meatloaf, or homemade soup, all leftovers get divided into small glass containers and stacked in our refrigerator. These single serve portions act as delicious nutritious snacks mid-day, after school, and even before bed.

In the midst of this COVID_19 pandemic, keeping food on hand is more important then ever. With our entire family stuck at home, it's been amazing just how much food we actually go through.

Last night I made a big pot of white chicken chili... a family favorite around here. I love this recipe because it's easy to make AND it makes a lot. Say hello to a refrigerator full of leftovers!

After I let my chili cool down, I was ready to fill all of my Pyrex containers for leftover snacks and meals. For my chili and soup, I like to use Pyrex 2-cup containers (linked here). They are the perfect size for a bowl of soup. To heat them up, we just pop the lid, gently lay it on top, and microwave until warm. Ahh... the beauty of glass containers! This 2-cup container also offers just enough room for any toppings - super critical when you're having chili!

I also fill up some 1-cup Pyrex containers for smaller portions perfect for my 10-year-old and snacks. (linked here) AND - if you are interested, the rectangular containers I use for lasagna, enchiladas, and more are (linked here).

I hope your leftovers go as quickly as ours do! Happy cooking.

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Love Emily.

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