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Let the Blogging Begin... again!

Hey you guys- I'm back! It's been a minute since my last blog post. If you follow me on social media, you haven't missed much. As for the rest of you- get ready! Every week you guys will get a sprinkling of fun and inspiration from me on all the situations! Specifically:

Current Situations, Currently Loving, Top Sellers, and a Fun Personal Note

I'm so glad you're here!

My Dad & Brady Fishing on the White Fish Chain - Minnesota

Father’s Day is right around the corner and the biggest question at least on my mind is what do I give Jeff. I feel like he is so hard to shop for and anytime he needs some thing, he will usually just buy it himself. Then garage sailing last week, I came up with the perfect idea… I’m going to  give Jeff Garage sale finds for Father’s Day. Yes… I know it’s genius.  

Starting off strong with a yeti tote bag that I had to pay $60 for but hey, it’s brand new - so it’s like  I got it half off!  The fun part is filling the bag… I found a boot brush that he can stick outside to clean his boots off… Because as you know we live in a farm and stepping in poop is a real thing.  As for the rest of Jeff’s surprises, my eyes are now peeled!

To help you guys get started on your own Father’s Day gift bag situation I came up with some fun ideas!  Plus  I’m linking the yeti bag and the boot brush that I picked up at the garage sale.  I absolutely love this grill cleaner because it doesn’t have any bristles… it cleans your grill with a wire coil, which is so much safer. 

This  yeti half gallon thermos is a favorite around our house.  I know the size looks significant but I will tell you both Jeff and Brady have one and they bring this thing everywhere. It’s a must have especially if your guy loves To stay hydrated.   these Melin hats are so great! They are Waterproof  they hold up so well.   Plus they have such a polished vibe to them.


You guys have great taste! Here is what sold the most last week. And I have to say.. I am also loving these recent purchases. From kitchen accessories for our cabin

to holiday style inspo and everything in between.

I love seeing what you guys are most interested in purchasing. 


My early years playing the piano - 1985

Practicing piano at my parents house - 1998

By now, most of you know that I impulsively bought a piano the other day. A piano that my husband has not yet noticed…. Here’s a little backstory on how this impulse buy came to be…

These past couple months, I started feeling really burnt out and overwhelmed. I went to my kinesiologist and said I think I’ve lost my creativity.- Because that’s how I felt.   I felt like all of my creative magic was gone.  After a few cranial adjustments, Dr. Moe asked me if I knew how to play any instruments like the piano… Affirmative.  Apparently playing the piano works a different part of the brain and in my case that part of the brain needs to be exercised. Within one hour, I had my new impulse buy locked and loaded into my car.

Here’s the back-backstory… I started taking piano lessons in about third grade. I mostly played by ear, So the songs I chose to play were ones familiar to me like Fur Elise.  It wasn’t until middle school when one of my piano teachers noticed me playing the song she assigned but in a different key… She started assigning me unfamiliar pieces by Bach and Chopin, hoping to get me to read music a little better… what I ended up learning is that I have more fun dabbling with the piano just like I dabble with craft supplies.

So why doesn’t Jeff know about the piano… When l purchased the piano Jeff was out of town… so it was the perfect opportunity for me to sneak my new piano into our house.  Pulling a fast one on Jeff when he’s out of town is nothing new… When we were first married Jeff left on a fishing trip and the next day I had painter show up at my house to help me give our lbathroom a facelift.  It’s just one of the perks of being being married to me I guess!  As of now, I don’t know if Jeff knows about the piano and doesn’t want to admit it or if he truly is oblivious to the musical instrument sitting in our office. Either way I am enjoying playing again and basking in all of my creativity.

My parent's house - 1988

Piano Recital - 1990


As most of you know, I’m always on the hunt for great skincare/make-up that does all the things! Especially in the summer months when SPF is an absolute necessicity. I like my make-up to feel light, protect my skin and gives me that glowy summer look all day long. 

As of recent, I’ve found myself frequently grabbing these items for my everyday no make-up look and feel. I love how the Revision tinted moisturizer with SPF is light weight with a subtle tint, yet protects your skin from all those harmful UV rays. The Chanel Les beige foundation in B30, gives my skin that stunning summer natural glow. Sisley concealer in shade 2, has been a go-to of mine for a while. It stays on all day and doesn’t crease under my eyes like other brands I’ve tried. These eye shadows are a must for summer! I love the faint sparkles which add that little extra pop to my eyes. Not to mention the Supergoop daydream eyeshadow has SPF in it! Dibs duel stick is a great way to add some natural looking tints of color to your face. I love how easy it is to blend and the compact case is great to throw in your bag for a mid-day touch up. Stila eye liner and Hourglass arch eyebrow stick have been some one of my go-to products for a long time. The small tip on the Stila eye liner makes precise yet natural looking lines at the base of my eyelashes and is so easy to use. Hourglass arch eyebrow stick is how I get my eyebrows looking more full and defined from morning to night. To top off my everyday look, I first use Tom Ford Indian rose lipstick then Dior lip glow oil. I love the combination of delicate pink tones that adds that perfect amount of natural color and glow. 

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