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My Family Calendar

As a family of five, life around here is busy. My three boys are 11, 13, and 16 and they are constantly running in different directions. We each have our own agendas that keep us on the move... from work to volunteering... sports to just hanging with friends... our personal calendars are full. And that's ok.

Trying to keep track of everyone's schedules can be exhausting. And I mean exhausting for everyone! I remember when my boys were little they constantly asked when their friend was coming over to play... or what day the babysitter would be here... or where we were heading on the weekend. This is when I created our family calendar.

I took a large poster frame, and in it, created a blank calendar with areas to jot down notes or schedules. I used a poster frame because I wanted this calendar BIG. Big enough to write specifics on different days. I needed room! I love that this calendar is big and easy to read. People walk by and at a glance can see what's on the agenda for the week. Yes, my calendar even includes 'bedtime' and 'rewards' because I made this YEARS AGO when my kids were small. AND WE ARE STILL USING IT TODAY! That says a lot. We all use this calendar as a supplement to our own personal agendas.

This calendar is essentially a gigantic dry erase board. I fill in the calendar and add events with chalkboard markers. I use different colors, I add decorations, and I just make it fun. This acts as our family's FYI board. Birthdays, family parties, grad parties, doctors appointments, practices or games... it's all added to our family calendar. This calendar is even more useful during the school year when I include things like day's off, late starts, choir concerts, or when major school projects are due. The kids know when they're getting their hair cut, when the family is going out of town, or when they can expect to be home alone. It keeps us informed and organized.

In our old house, our family calendar hung over the kid's homework desk. When we moved, the calendar came with us and still hangs in our kid's homework area. It's amazing how a small organizational DIY project became such an important fixture in our home.

I encourage you to create your own family calendar. Happy crafting!

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Love Emily.

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