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My top 5 Christmas gifts for under $100

There is always so much anticipation during the Christmas season. Decorating the home, trimming the tree, and buying the perfect gift for your loved ones. Being able to give that perfect gift to others and seeing their face light up when they open it is everything. It fills my heart with happiness, excitement, and so many other emotions. And when I receive a gift from others, the gratitude I feel and the special feeling I get knowing someone thought of me seriously makes my heart melt. The saying 'you know me so well' suddenly takes on a crazy literal meaning. It's just awesome.

Today on the blog I'm sharing five Christmas gifts I received all for under $100 (most are under $20!!) that I honestly never knew I needed!

Blue Light Glasses

My friends and family all know that this past year I decided to start a blog, so sitting infront of my computer is a much more regular occurrence for me. I can't get over how much I've been benefitting from wearing these blue light glasses. My eyes don't feet fatigued or strained any more. Plus - seriously, who knew blue light glasses could be so stylish! Totally in love with these.

Universal Earring Backs

I love my earrings, but it is such a pet peeve when my earring backs don't stay put... Talk about a great way to loose a fabulous pair of earrings. My nephew gave me this box of universal silicone earring backs and I am in love. They fit so snug on all my earrings, I'm not worried about them falling out of my ears anymore. Seriously - there's nothing worse then having your earring fall between the seats of your car or onto the pavement and get scratched. This box is under $10 and comes with more earring backs then you will ever need!


My parents know I was gifted with some thin, fine hair. It can be really tricky finding barrettes that actually hold and don't fall out. These glitter star clips hug my hair and they don't pull. I love how they can be styled with practically anything - but my favorite has been rocking them with my graphic tees for a little edge.

AirPods Cleaning Kit

AirPods. They sit in your ears. And they need to get cleaned! This kit has everything I need to keep my AirPods looking and feeling fresh. Seriously awesome!

Graphic Tee

Everyone knows I love a good graphic tee. What I love even more is finding a graphic tee that I can style in countless ways. This graphic tee is black and white and so easy to style. Here, I threw it on under one of my summer dresses instantly converting it for all seasons. Plus - it reads Nordstrom across the front. My sister knows me so well! My exact tee is no longer available, but I linked some super cute alternatives - all of which are black & white and at an excellent price point.

Silk Turban

Ok... here's the deal. When I opened this, it screamed impulse buy to me. BUT as soon as I started wearing it to bed, I realized how much I loved this turban. So much so, that I'll be purchasing a couple more. This silk turban, believe it or not, stays put all night long. I just tuck my hair into it, and I sleep conformably without my hair getting in my way. No hair rubbing against my face, neck, or jawline has been a game changer for my skin. My breakouts have decreased and my skin has never looked better. Every couple nights I throw it in the wash and hang to dry. Because it's silk, it dries super fast... in time for bed. Also - I was wearing this turban each night while I still had my hair extensions... and now without, and the fit is universally awesome.

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Love Emily.

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