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This Week's Situation!

Hey you guys! Back for another weekly blog post. Here's the scoop this week...

I was invited to be a guest on Passion Pod talking about all things 'Small Town Me'. You can listen in (or watch the live stream) here! Let me know what you think :)

Brady feeding our friend's alpaca in Colorado - 2017

In 2017, my husband and I loaded up the kids and the icehouse, then headed to Colorado for a little family road trip. Our friends that we stayed with had alpacas just hanging out in their yard. Fast-forward a couple weeks later, we were home and I couldn’t stop thinking about my fuzzy friends over in Colorado. I decided to make a call to a breeder I had met in Colorado and purchased three alpacas… Two of which were pregnant.  Why so many… Because alpacas are herd animals and so I had to do a minimum of three. I don’t make the rules you guys!

So, our new fuzzy friends made the trip from Colorado over to their new home in Minnesota. I’m just learning as I go, but I will tell you guys the joy these alpacas bring me every time I see them running around my pasture is significant - the cute factor!!

Our alpacas getting aquainted to their new home in Minnesota

Jordan hanging out with Snow the alpaca
Our baby Cria

When I originally bought them, I had every intention of having their fiber made into yarn so that I could knit and crochet all the things. That dream started with me making a dish rag and ended with me making a dish rag. I found out fast that I am not a knitter, but that’s OK.  These alpacas bring our family more joy then a hand knitted sweater ever could. I'm so grateful for this impulse buy!

1. I'm super excited for our first 4th of July at our cabin.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect outdoor decorations to make our lakeshore festive. These corrugated plastic stars are going to be perfect! They will stick right into the ground and I’ll be able to easily store them for use again next year.

2. My friends also have a cabin out on Balsam Lake, and they decorate their deck railing with these cute patriotic banners. Super festive and they show up beautifully from the lake. Plus- I love the polished feel. They are really easy to attach with zip-ties and the best part is they can also be reused year after year.

3. These pinwheels are perfect for sticking in planters and making fun and festive centerpieces. Again - any decorations that I can use year after year is a bonus!

4. Adding the smallest accessory to your outfit is an easy way to bring on the Fourth of July vibes. I'm loving these sunglasses!

5. Fun clothing does not have to be all red white and blue. Jordan's swim trunks totally fit the theme for the upcoming holiday weekend! **fish is not linked!

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