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Why I love my recipe cards

I'm not the best cook, but I can follow a recipe. Actually, following a recipe is the only way I know how to cook. I find a ton of recipes on Pinterest, grab some favorites from family and friends, and I have a couple tried and true recipes out of cookbooks. But for my favorite go-to recipes, I reach for my recipe box.

I started building my recipe card library a few years back when I was trying to get more organized with meal planning. I had recipes everywhere, and I remember struggling to find that soup I made a few weeks ago... or that coleslaw I made for Christmas last year. Was it in a book? Did I find it online? Or did my mom give it to me... seriously - I just needed an organized system.

I'm a scrapbooker at heart. So when I decided to start making recipe cards, I treated them like mini scrapbook projects. I started with an index card. On that, I layered patterned paper, images from books and cards, and of course, I wrote the recipes in my own handwriting. PLEASE - USE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING! Because the truth is, someday when you're gone, your handwriting will mean the world to your loved ones.

If my recipe is from a friend, I'll include her name in my recipe title. If the recipe is from my mother, I'll try to incorporate her handwriting. My recipe cards spark memories and reek of nostalgia. And I love it that way.

After I create my recipe card, I pull out my trusty laminator. My recipes are ALL laminated - mostly because I'm super type A and I want to keep them clean. Ha! But seriously - the lamination makes them so durable!

NOTE: When you're creating your recipe cards, be sure to use flat embellishments - stay away from dimensional decorations like gems and chipboard. You want your created recipe cards to be as flat as possible when feeding them through your laminator.

Besides the cuteness factor, let's talk convenience. I can't begin to tell you how many times I pull a recipe card and take it with me to the grocery store. The ingredients list doubles as my shopping list. Easy and done.

I store all of my recipe cards in an actual recipe card box. I found mine at Macy's, but you can find cute recipe card boxes at a variety of different retailers. Most of the time, recipe boxes include an index to organize and sort all your favorite recipes... so all you have to do is create your recipe card and file it away. When choosing your recipe card box, just be sure it is big enough to hold a standard size index card.

So there you have it. Pull all of your favorite recipes, grab some scrapbook supplies, and get crafting... You'll be so happy you did. Happy cooking!

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Love Emily.

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